Clairemarie Bergstrom, Pastry Sous Chef


Born and raised in Peabody, MA, Clairemarie Bergstrom realized her love for sweets at a young age. At fourteen she landed her first job as a donut bagger and cashier working at Peabody’s Brooksby Farm, made famous by their Apple Cider Donuts. Working with donuts all day, Clairemarie quickly recognized her passion for baking, and within two years she earned the position of Bakery Manager. In this role, and for the next six years, Clairemarie played a crucial part in creating people’s quintessential New England fall memories.

Amidst her time in the bakery, Clairemarie simultaneously pursued her passion in the beauty industry, working a second job in the evenings. Comparing these two experiences, she felt that the bakery was where she belonged, and her time in the kitchen was encouraging her to think bigger, and work harder. With this realization, and with a little help from her now fiancé, Clairemarie applied to be a pastry assistant at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse. This seemingly spontaneous decision soon became the opportunity of a lifetime as Clairemarie was hired by Davio’s to help open the new Lynnfield location.

For the next three years Clairemarie worked relentlessly to become the best pastry chef she could, learning from her coworkers to understand the ins and outs of the restaurant industry; a whole new world from her experiences at the bakery. She admired the work and dedication that a career in the kitchen demanded, and she applied this mentality to her pastry career. Her hard work had paid off when she was presented with the opportunity to take on the role of Pastry Sous Chef at Ledger. At 25, Clairemarie left Davio’s to help open Ledger, where she remains today as a pivotal member of the team.

Currently, Clairemarie spends her time bouncing between Salem and Peabody, remaining close with her parents and two brothers, and occasionally stopping for donuts at Brooksby Farm. A lover of Halloween and a cat enthusiast, Clairemarie has found solace in Salem. When she’s not at Ledger she’s often baking at home, creating decadent pastries to share with friends and family.